If people are your most valuable resource, we are your partner.

About D&D group

D& D group consultant team is specialized in assisting the management and the individual development within the organization. Our approach is based on the incorporation of good psychological practice into activities such as personnel recruitment, selection, motivation, training and management, which are of strategic importance for all leading companies. The programs, we devise and integrate, are set to generate corporate culture, so to guarantee effective control and good business results.

The services, we offer in the field of human resources management and development, are as follows:

  • Human resources planning
  • Professional activity analysis
  • Strategic career planning
  • Psychologic consulting (organizational, staff-oriented, individual, family, etc.)
  • Stress management
  • Personnel recruitment and selection
  • Personnel attestation
  • Personnel training and development
  • Setting up productive work environment
  • Coaching

D&D group team utilizes specific modern techniques in its psychologic work. The adequate application of these techniques for the fulfillment of your requirements vouches for the objectivity and the prognostic validity of the results.

Our qualified and experienced team in the field of professional psychodiagnosis is completely aware of the peculiarities and the conditions of the professional realization in Bulgaria. D&D group staff builds its individual approach and professional attitude on guaranteed correctness and confidentiality.

The complex psychological servicing has universal application vis-a-vis various types of organizations and hierarchic levels. The long-term results of our projects exceed many times the amount of resources invested.

The advantages for the client are in the following aspects:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of management
  • Ensuring high productivity of the personnel recruited
  • Speeding up company competitiveness
  • Saving time and money
  • Realization of the company goals and strategies
  • Minimizing the risks of having unemployable staff
  • Improving the company public image and prestige

In case you are interested, D&D group can implement a concrete plan that corresponds to your current necessities and specific requirements.

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